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Shop By Scent

Choosing a candle online can be a challenge if you're unable to smell the product before purchasing, that is why we've created this page to help your decision.

Our candles are mainly organised by crystals but we have also categorised them below based on the notes so you can pick by scent too.

All our scents and crystals can be customised including the label with our personalised crystal infused beesoy candle. 


Citrus Blossom - Orange Calcite crystal infused

Ever After - Rose Quartz crystal infused


Ever After - Rose Quartz crystal infused

Berry Treat - Honey Calcite crystal infused

Vanilla Haven - Howlite crystal infused


In The Wild - Emerald crystal infused


Celestial Breeze - Moonstone infused

Mulberry Silk - Green Aventurine infused

Ocean Light - Apatite infused


Balanced Mind - Amethyst infused

If you're unsure on what crystal to choose, have a read of our summary.