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About Us

About kesshō

kesshō is an Australian owned brand which sources it crystals from all over the world. We guarantee the quality of our products and is of the highest standard. We, here at kesshō, believe in being and living the happiest you. That is why we have made it easy for you carry around positive energy with you everyday in the most effortless form. Each crystal has its own unique benefits, and it is up to you pick which ones you want!

How does it work?

Just like you and me, every crystal is unique, so the colour, shape and size will vary between each one. Some types of crystals have a wide variety of depth and tones, for example Amethyst can vary between very light lilac tones to strong indigo purple colours.

As crystal are from the earth and not man-made, it is natural for some crystals to have markings and imperfections, but this makes each crystal special.

The crystals used by kesshō are specially sourced and safe to be in contact with drinking water. We recommend using caution when experimenting with other crystals.

kesshō does not warrant any claims in relation to the effect of the crystals. The power of the crystal comes from the individual’s own power and energy. Although research has been conducted, water energised by crystal has not been scientifically proven to change ones physical or mental state.


For bottles:

To clean: carefully remove the base by twisting it off the bottle. Carefully twist the crystal component off the base.

  • Our glass bottles are dishwasher safe.
  • Other components require hand wash.
  • Crystals are to be rinsed with water only.

When using our bottles with hot contents, please use with extreme caution. *We recommend using our specially designed neoprene sleeves.*

*Please note that our crystal water bottles are intended for consuming water only.

To recharge your crystals, bathe them in moonlight which increases the stone's vibrations. As the crystals absorb your energy, think of positive intentions and thoughts while washing them.

For candles:

Upon the first lighting the candle, make sure to allow to burn for at least 1 hour. Candles have wax memory, so wherever the wax melts the first time, it will set the foundation for all the other burns.

It is perfectly safe for the crystals to sit in the wax. Fire is a great way to cleanse crystals so it will be wonderfully energised and recharged. When the wax no longer covers the crystal, take out and rinse it under running water and use it as your own healing stone.

Caution crystal will be hot when taking it out of the jar. Let the crystal cool before handling.